is an Online Recruitment Marketplace, which provides you with qualified Employers who are seeking Recruitment Agencies to help them filling their vacancies with high-caliber Candidates, together with a comprehensive CRM and tools to provide you with insight into your Candidate data. helps you to increase your income by filling jobs.

One standard agreement with all Employers, no need to spend time for cold callings, meetings, negotiations and revision of agreements.

Our aim is to provide Employers with quality. If permits bidding, this would turn into which agency is the cheapest, not which is the right Recruiter can work on the job posted.

You considered having the right of ownership, starting from the date of the CV submission through and for the duration of six months. If the Candidate be employed by the Employer during this Period you have the right to invoice the Employer.

If the Employer has previously received a Candidate's CV, or was aware of the Candidate through another source, you may not be eligible for the Placement Fee, and the Employer considered having the right of ownership of Candidates, starting from the date of the CV submission offline and for the duration of six months, although it is the Employer responsibility to inform you immediately of any Candidate CV previously known or received. If the Employer requests you to interview this particular Candidate and hired him then the Employer is acknowledging that the Candidate is not introduced by another Recruiter and you would be legible for the Placement Fee. In such a case The Employer is solely responsible for providing the proper proof that the new engagement was not the result of your submission, but rather of having received the CV previously.

Yes, before using the services please read our Terms and Conditions, which form a legally binding Agreement between You and Us.

If you had an existing agreement with an Employer, you can keep to work offline or you can work through subject to the Terms and Conditions which prevent taking new business developed through the out of the If anyone tries to violate these Terms & Conditions, legal action might be taken.

There are no fees to use the Employers will set the recruitment fees they are willing to pay when posting a job. Once you fill their position, you will issue and invoice the client (Employer) directly.  Where we will invoice you (Recruitment Agency), the fee of 25% from what you have agreed with the Employer.

You can view all Candidates’ status in Candidates section in your account, and tracking the recruitment process when the Candidate is interviewed, offered, filled or rejected.

For each Employer posting a job, we do an evaluation and ensure the credibility. Before the Employers use the services, they agree to our Terms and Conditions, which legally bind them to make payments.

Feedback times vary by Employer. However, before an Employer posts a job, he will provide a predicted time for a feedback, some within hours or a few days, and others can take up to a few weeks, but for any action taken toward a Candidate you would be automatically notified by checking Candidates’ status in Candidates section in your account. If an Employer exceeds his predicted time for a feedback, you can send him an internal email through to follow-up. feedback rating is an algorithm that allows Employer and Recruiter to rate each other after closing a job and it is based on Communication, Quality, Speed of Response and other factors.

Our Terms and Conditions are clear in a way that protects the rights for both The Employer and The Recruiter from common recruiting disputes. In such a rare case of a dispute, we will intervene as an intermediary to work out a settlement. If the intervene does not work out, both parties can enforce the Terms and Conditions as permitted by law.

All Candidates have a 90 days replacement guarantee. So, if the Candidate leaves within 90 days of the start date, you will try to find a replacement.

For the first 60 days, you will have 100% Amount Refundable guarantee to the Employer and from 61 to 90 days 50% Amount Refundable guarantee to the Employer.

For further details, please refer to our Terms & Conditions.

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