is an Online Recruitment Marketplace allows you to find great Candidates easier and faster than any traditional method for any professional role. 
Simply post a job, set your own fees as a percentage or as a fixed amount and connect with Recruitment Agencies which will screen and interview suitable Candidates for you.

You will have many benefits like: One standard agreement with all Recruitment Agencies, so no need to spend time for reviewing, negotiation and revision of the agreements, and you can control the whole recruitment process starting from selecting and approving an Agency until hiring the right Candidate.

Once you post your open position on the, you’ll have access to choose any pre-qualified Recruitment Agency which is already registered on the once they raise an engagement request to work on your posted job.

Only the Recruitment Agencies you approve their requests to work on your open position can see your full job description, and details.

Absolutely free. You only pay the recruitment fee you agreed with the Recruiter. The fee can be either a fixed-fee or a percentage of the Candidate’s annual salary. You only pay once you have actually hired someone. 
We generate revenue by taking a percentage from the paid recruitment fee to the Recruitment Agency.

Placement Fee is payable within Thirty (30) days from the start day of the accepted Candidate.

All Candidates have a 90 days replacement guarantee. So if the Candidate leaves within 90 days of the start date, your Recruiter will find a replacement. For the first 60 days, you will have 100% Amount Refundable guarantee, and from 61 to 90 days 50% Amount Refundable guarantee.For further details, please refer to our Terms & Conditions

For each job post, you can set the number of Candidate CVs you wish to receive from each Recruiter but this will vary based on the job level.

All Candidate CVs are time stamped when submitted for an open position. It is your responsibility to inform The Recruiter if a Candidate CV previously known or received. Although has the right to intervene and settle any disputes by checking submission times and other information based upon the available proof make a determination on the source of the Candidate referral that led to the engagement, and therefore whether a Placement Fee shall be charged.

Yes, you can, but sometimes a Recruiter submits a Candidate CV without the contact details to prevent being avoided. We strongly recommend you to request from the Recruiter to arrange interviewing the Candidate by sending an interview request through the, received by the Recruiter, who can manage for a telephone interview, or a face-to-face meeting...etc.

Yes, before using the services please read our Terms and Conditions, which form a legally binding Agreement between You and Us.

Yes, you can by selecting Manage Users option and press Add New User button.

We carefully screen any submitted registration form from Recruitment Agencies to join the Before approving their requests we contact them and analyze their skills, specialties, and experiences. We review their LinkedIn, website and any online reviews. has a scoring system allowing to rate each Recruiter based on Communication, Quality of Candidates, Speed of Response and other factors. In the rare instance a Recruiter does not act in your best interest resulting in low ratings, he will no longer have the option to work with

This will vary based on several criteria, as the nature of the search, the job level and the availability of Candidates. For that, we recommend as a general guideline to select the Fee that you wish to pay between 8-25% of Annual Salary. This is to ensure fees are realistic, and drive engagement from our Recruitment Agencies.

You considered having the right of ownership of Candidates, starting from the date of the CV submission offline and for the duration of six months. If the Candidate be employed by you during this Period, you will not have to pay any fee although it is your responsibility to inform The Recruiter immediately of any Candidate CV previously known or received, if you interviewed this particular Candidate and hired him then you are acknowledging that the Candidate is not introduced by another Recruiter and the Recruiter would be legible for the Placement Fee.

The Recruiter considered having the right of ownership, starting from the date of the CV submission through and for the duration of six months. If the Candidate be employed by you during this Period the Recruiter has the right to invoice you, and you are liable to pay the Placement Fee that was originally advertised.

Our Terms and Conditions are clear in a way that protects the rights for both The Employer and The Recruiter from common recruiting disputes. In such a rare case of a dispute, we will intervene as an intermediary to work out a settlement. If the intervene does not work out, both parties can enforce the Terms and Conditions as permitted by law. feedback rating is an algorithm that allows Employer and Recruiter to rate each other after closing a job and it is based on Communication, Quality, Speed of Response and other factors.

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