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Our partners are proud to help support and train Saudi nationals to find the right job for them in order to develop their professional growth and productivity, and our partners serve all of the following sectors

Information and Communication Technology

IT Manager, ERP Consultant, Systems Engineer, Telecom Engineer, Mobile Apps Developer ...

Financial and Banking Business

Finance Officer, PR Manager, Branch Manager ...

The Real Estate Sector and Utilities

MEP Engineers, Facility Managers ...

Health Care Services

Doctors, Nurses, Consultants, Pediatricians, Dentists, Physiotherapists ...

Hospitality and Tourism

General Manager, Food and Beverage Managers, Facilities Managers ...

Oil, Gas and Energy

Oil Exploration Manager and Start-Up Engineer ...

Retail Sector

Promoter, Store Assistant, Store Manager, Operations Manager ...

Logistic Support

Operations Manager, Warehouse Manager, Planner, Logistic Support Manager…


Factory Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Procurement Manager ...

Building and Construction

Construction Manager, Project Manager, Civil Engineer, Quality Assurance / Quality Control Manager, Health and Safety Manager ...

Executive Employees

CEO, CFO, Marketing Director, IT Director, Operations Director, Vice President, Group Director…

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