About Us


masharq.com is an Information Technology Company, based in Amman, Jordan. The company was established to innovate a system of an online Recruitment Marketplace completely functional in both Arabic and English, serves in the Gulf and the Middle East to manage the hiring process through the platform and to deliver High-Caliber Candidates faster to Employers. Our clear purpose is to build a place where Employers can connect with qualified Recruitment Agencies to deliver High-Caliber Candidates without the need to: search, qualify, negotiate terms & conditions or make several meeting. Employer can set his own fee or percentage before connecting with any Recruitment Agency. Employer can reject or approve any agency. Our Marketplace helps Recruitment Agencies to increase their income without the need to spend time for cold calling and extra business development efforts. All communications are archived and centralized within one platform, which makes it easier for Employers and Agencies today to focus on their business success, achieve their goals and maintain their competitive edge.

Our Vision

To make recruitment simple, easy and efficient.

Our Mission

TO provide a reliable tool to connect Recruitment Agencies with Employers to manage the hiring process anytime, anywhere.

Our Goals

build a place where Employers can connect with qualified Recruitment Agencies.

We offer you our great experience in creating a digital model

Through a strong team, we aspire to take you to the highest peaks and through our following distinctive values

honesty and integrity
Excellence in front of customers
community flourishing
Innovation and change
leadership and wisdom
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